Lit Cosmetics Daily Wear Glitter Base (30ml)


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used by top MUA’s and product choice for Cirque du Soleil

> all day hold

> heightens sparkle refection, does not dull it

> dries completely

> comfortable to wear, light weight, flexible = no cracking

> will not lift base makeup

> great for sensitive skin = hypoallergenic

> a water based formulation

> Vegan, Gluten FREE, Cruelty FREE

> works with all other loose product = mica’s, minerals, powders……..

provides you with a clean, controlled glitter application when using our 2 step application process

What It Does:
“Daily Wear” glitter base keeps all loose product adhered to any skin surface without dulling the sparkle. Also prevents cracking, flaking or floating, offering a comfortable all day hold that dries completely with easy removal.

A cosmetic glitter glue that feels like water but keeps glitter and any loose makeup secured all day long.



Lit Cosmetics

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30ml, 4ml


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