Beauty Glazed Color board palette


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1. It is a tray with 4 layers of eyeshadow palette. Color scheme includes beautiful glitter, natural matte, bright colors and glitter
2. Use flashing highlights and perfect the look to spend an unforgettable night. Eye shadow foundation or eyeliner foundation can help you get true colors from each palette.
3. Soft or smooth super pigmented shadow powder (looks wet or dry) enhances natural attributes, so you can use shadows, draw lines and define eyes.
4. There are many faint and matte eyeshadow powders in the makeup eyeshadow palette. Cool mats and bright eyeshadow palettes are perfect for day and night.
5. From dusty lavender matte, lavender shimmer to luxurious foam violet, velvety apricot matte and soft coral shimmer, these designs can complement each other and add sacred to the lid size
6. The approachable earthy and terracotta shades are different, the lilac and violet shades are different; charming olive, pine and gold shades; paired with selected high pigmented matte colors, metal jelly And the next generation of shimmer swirls
7. Let you create endless makeup with a classic and playful look, and easily use it in a professional makeup palette with 60 popular colors anytime, anywhere!
8. User-friendly design-Even during travel, you can bring small packages of makeup in various colors and pack them lightly, but be prepared for any unexpected events!

Package included:
1 x Eyeshadow Palette


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